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And the dog lives on…


Just a quick update on Rosie. She survived the night, yeah!!!  So we found out the cheap stuff we bought is bad medicine. We’ve got some tips to help her with the itchiness until the stuff is completely out of system. I guess it’s lesson learned for us, cheap is not always better. Funny, we use that logic on people stuff, why not doggie stuff?


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Doggy woes…

We’ve had some flea issues with our dog lately… 

So last night we go to Petco and debate spending $60 bucks on Frontline or $20 bucks on something cheaper (can’t remember the brand). We buy the cheaper, it goes on the same as Frontline, drops behind the neck and down the back. We put the stuff on at about 8:30PM and all is good until about 10:30PM, when she began scratching incessantly and gagging. She was rubbing her back on her kennel and then licking the kennel where she could smell the stuff and it was all over her blanket and she was licking that and gagging. That went on for about an hour, I’d take her outside and she would flip out like her skin was either burning or really itching. At about 12:30 Trish and I decided to bathe her to get the stuff off. That worked for the freaking out and gagging, but now she is wide awake and whining like crazy in her kennel. One more trip outside to burn some energy and good tummy rub and back in the kennel to sleep. It’s now 1:30 AM and my alarm goes off at 4:30.

Oh yeah… I love my dog J (forced smile).

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The way the weekend was…

This was a very busy weekend. I work Saturdays with my other job so that always adds to the busy feel especially when we have lots to do on Sunday. Saturday included a soccer game for our son. Watching 9 year olds play Rec. soccer is hilarious. Saturday night is rehearsal night, which went very well. We made it through both set lists in just under an hour, which is great for us. We are usually there for closer to 2 hours. Not sure what it was that helped the evening go so quick, but I hope it happens again. Then onto Sunday, The morning starts at 7 when the senior pastor and I get together for a time of prayer. Both of our gatherings went very well. The afternoon soon filled up with an unplanned activity. A family that my wife and I “grew up” with came to visit, way cool, so we went out to Red Robin for lunch and spent a couple of hours catching up. They are a great family who serve at a different church body across town. After lunch we were off to a piano recital for our 12 year old daughter (she’s awesome!!) She was playing some pirate tunes, so she dressed up as a pirate and acted all piratey. Then after that off to another friends house to hang out for a bit and finally home by about 7:30. I missed my usual Sunday nap, but oh well, the whole day was great. I mention in the video about how we are to live in the “last days”. Here are the 10 points that were made during the semon:

  1. Don’t be surprised…..TRUST
  2. Jesus is coming…..WATCH
  3. Satan has lost…..VICTORY
  4. Don’t get caught up in the negative…..REJOICE
  5. A great time to be alive…..SHINE
  6. Check your lifestyle…..GUARD
  7. Have nothing to do with them…..STAND your ground
  8. Protection and power is ours…..PRAY
  9. Follow your leaders…..IMITATE
  10. Be anchored in the Word…..PREPARE  

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Just a little rant

Since when has giving financially to the ministry of our God been conditional. So KLOVE just finished up their fall pledge drive and they were at it again. During the final hours of their pledge drive yesterday this happened: (paraphrased) “we just received a call that a group of people want to give us a gift of $40,000. But were not going to accept it unless we get 400 new pledges in the next 40 minutes” Now, just hours earlier they were pleading the case that they were going fall short of their financial goal. Why can’t they just accept the gift without strings attached. They have used this coersion tactic for many years and it drives me crazy. Who are we to put stipulations on how God’s money is to be used. Now I believe we are to be good stewards of what God has blessed us with. This is not good stewardship, this is leveraging misuse. I find no biblical standard for the practices they employ while trying to raise their funding. I understand it’s hard to convince folks to give to their cause, but come on, leave a little room for God to work, quit trying to guilt people into giving. OK, I’m done.

The sun is shining today!!

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Fall is coming…

 What a great day we’ve had here the NW. 70 degrees, sunny, and wow!! Today was a great day at home with the family.  We started the day having breakfast at Panera bread, pastries and coffees and cocoas around. After breakfast it was off to Kohl’s and Old Navy to refill the wardrobe (we are so blessed to be able to have new clothes). I spent a little time at the office getting music ready for next Sunday then came home to mow the grass, blow the leaves and wash the truck. This was an all family experience. It looks to be another great day tomorrow. 

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What a day…

Our Worship gatherings were fantastic, emotionally challenging, wonderific and all other superlatives I can think of. First a rundown of the music:

8:30 Gathering

  • Great is Thy Faithfulness (Chisholm)
  • Like a River Glorious (Havergal)
  • Yahweh (Andy Park)
    • Communion
  • How Great is Our God (Chris Tomlin)
    • Scipture Message
  • I Give You My Heart (Rueban Morgan)

11:00 Gathering

  • For Who You Are (Marty Sampson)
  • Forever (Chris Tomlin)
  • Great and Mighty is He (Todd Pettygrove)
  • Yahweh (Andy Park)
    • Communion
  • How Great is Our God (Chris Tomlin)
  • Holy is the Lord (Chris Tomlin)
    • Scripture Message
  • I Give You My Heart (Rueban Morgan)
  • Blessed Be Your Name (Matt Redman)

The morning was fantastic in that I think we all hit our marks musically our transitions and intros/outros worked well and the singing was spot on. Oh, we had a few stumbles, but we played right through them without messing each other up.

 The Morning was emotionally challenging because of some hurting families that were with us and how the music focused our thinking on God’s faithfulness no matter our current life path. I love Psalm 27: 13&14 –

       I am still confident of this:
       I will see the goodness of the LORD
       in the land of the living.

      Wait for the LORD;
       be strong and take heart
       and wait for the LORD.

 Sometimes easier said then done.

Wonderific: Everybody was singing and praising and dancing and really gettin’ into it. Way cool morning. I Can’t wait for next week.

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Look out world

OK here it is, I’ve finally gone and done it, I’m blogging. This space will be used to connect to people I know and folks who are only biannary, should be fun. I’ll post pics of my life, worship confessionals, and on ramblings as I live.

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