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SHCC Sunday setlist (more like a review) 9-21-08

Howdy everyone, hope y’all had a great Sunday. Thanks to Fred McKinnon for keeping us going with the Carnival.

The week leading up to our morning gathering was a little rough in preparation as my full time job (not this ministry) took more of my time than usual. But, thank you Lord for how your Spirit works in our weakness. 🙂 Our Evangelistic minister preached this week from Galatians 3 about the power of the cross and the power of the Spirit. Musically we kept the focus on Jesus and the cross. I took a cue from Billy Chia and used a bit of Loud and Quiet this week.

Walk in – Let it Rise ~ Holland Davis

Welcome – I did a little coaching here to let people know it’s OK to raise hands, clap, shout with praise and sing with abandoned hearts, this started our loud portion.

The Happy Song – Martin Smith

For Who You Are – Marty Sampson ~ I really love this song, the dynamics that can be employed are tremendous, it works well in our church.

Amazing Grace – Chris Tomlin’s version – This started our quiet portion, nothing said just using music as a tone setter.

Reading of Isaiah 53 using The Message translation. After this reading I instructed/asked people to be still and consider what it means to them to have Christ take on their ugliness.

Sweetly Broken – Jeremy Riddle – Our lead guitar player ripped a great solo on this that fit perfectly with the tone of quiet.

Communion – continuing our quiet

The Stand – Joel Houston – This song was awesome, it was the first time we did this on a Sunday morning, it’s a staple for our youth. What a great way to conclude our quiet, we kept it low through the verses and 1st chorus and the people were ready to belt out their praise by the 2nd chorus. It just kept going and going. Praise God!!

Baptism – way cool segway from the last phrase that we sang from The Stand into this time of being clothed with Jesus Christ. “But what can I say, what can I do? But offer this heart O God, completely to You”

Greeting/worship opportunities

The Wonderful Cross – Chris Tomlin

Preaching – Tom Moyers

Amazing Love (You are my King) ~ Our people can sing this blindfolded, a great closer to an awesome challenge from the text.

Mighty to Save – Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan – This just topped off the morning with a great send off “Shine your light and let the whole world know…”


We had a fillin drummer this week, someone we’ve used before and is becoming accustomed to the way we do songs. It’s great to have a back-up, I am so grateful.


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SHCC Sunday setlist 9-14-08

The carnival continues from Fred Mckinnon…check out other setlists on

Sunday was a bit different as there wasn’t any preaching. We did a Walk Thru Bible seminar thingy. Our summer preaching series was parts of the OT, this seminar taught us to memorize the OT timeline using vocal and body movements cues. And this was what we call a “Family Sunday” we combine our ‘traditional’ and ‘contemporary’ gatherings and the kids stay for the whole service. We do this 2 or 3 times a quarter.


Song of Hope – Robbey Seay Band

How Firm a Foundation – Traditional American melody (sang this one a cappela)

My LIfe is in You – Daniel Gardner

Your Grace is Enough – Chris Tomlin version


Jesus Paid it All – Kristian Stanfill

Welcome/worship opportunities/greeting/offering – We had a Kazzo quartet as “special music” 🙂


Great and Mighty is He – Todd Pettygrove

Walk thru the Bible preview – the complete seminar followed this gathering

Holy is the Lord – Chris Tomlin

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SHCC Sunday Setlist 9-7-08

This post is part of the Sunday Setlist Carnival.


Ok here we go…


This was a kick off Sunday for our Study thru Galatians so an effort was made to keep all the music tied to a theme of Christ as the focus in our lives instead of some social ideal. As most of us should know 🙂 there was a bit pressure being put on the people of the region to adhere to the law instead of just the grace of Jesus.


Walk in – We Shine ~ Steve Fee (this is a song our youth love and is a bit out of our usual Sunday morning “style”. But everyone once in a while it’s fun to rock it out a bit.) This song helped lead into the welcome segment very well. 🙂

welcome – this was me acting like a pep rally leader. I encouraged everyone to shout the name of Jesus a few times and give a shout of praise to go with it. It worked prettty well, lots of smiles and clapping.

All About You ~ Israel Houghton

You are Worthy of My Praise ~ David Ruis

Now That You’re Near ~ Marty Sampson

I took a moment here to add a thought about realizing that with Christ near we don’t want to miss a thing about him and encourage everyone to pray together the lyrics of the next song.

Open the Eyes of My Heart ~ Paul Baloche


To the Only God ~ Chris Tomlin

Worship opportunities (aka announcements) We were having a difficult time getting folks to sign up for a seminar next week so as everyone came in the doors this morning they were handed a registration card and then at this moment instructions were given to decide they were attending the seminar and fill out the card. 🙂

Forever ~ Chris Tomlin

Sermon (listen here)

Here I am to Worship ~ Tim Hughes

Famous One ~ Chris Tomlin

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