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One chapter ending, another beginning (a.k.a. SHCC Sunday Setlist 10-19-08)

This day had some of the most conflicting emotions I’ve had leading musical praise, during our gathering (which was a combination of our 8:30 and 11:00 gatherings) our preaching minister announced his resignation. All is good with the leaders, nothing bad causing this change, but rather God is leading this family to help a church family that classifies themselves as a mile wide and an inch deep spiritually. God is awesome in how he as prepared us for this transition as our recently hired evangelism minister is also a preaching minister. So this transition should be somewhat seamless.

Our morning was purposely themed toward our future with Christ, rooted in Philippians chapter 1; using the idea that “he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus”.  

Musically, we blended some old with some new, our team nailed it. It was great to part of this effort to praise God. J 

Majesty ~ Jack Hayford


1st set

In My Heart There Rings A Melody ~ Elton Roth

            This was a fun song to do. We used piano and bass on the verses and then at the chorus did a severe ritard with “In my heart there”… at this point we added drums and guitars. The remainder of the chorus our drummer played triplets which really added a fun feel to the song. J  

Now That You’re Near ~ Hillsong

            This is a staple for us; we ended with the pre-chorus to emphasize the future minded theme of the morning.

Scripture – Psalm 46

            I used this scripture in light of the coming announcement of the resignation.

It is Well ~ Horatio Spafford/Philip Bliss

            We added a little of our own creativity to this song after the 3rd verse/chorus. Playing it in the key of B primarily led by piano until this point. After the 3rd v/ch we add guitars and play an interlude using 1 measure of F# and 1 meausre of E & B, two beats each. This comes into play at the end of the song also where we’ve added a tag: “Oh praise the Lamb of God, He died to make me whole”. Ala Kristen Stanfills; Jesus Paid it All.


Here I am to Worship ~ Tim Hughes

            Started in D, after 1st chorus changed to E. Went well, had a cool guitar solo mixed in.

Saviour King – Hillsong

            Great song, our people love and really got into it, making the ending huge with loud voices. J

Opportunities of services in Worship

            Night Light Festival sign-up: we made a big push today to get people involved in our Halloween outreach event. We add tables set up in the auditorium for people to go to and sign up for booths to operate and other ways to help.

Message and the announcement

Closing song of encouragement

Promise ~ Steve Sprecker

     This is a song I wrote awhile ago and it really helped out today. The lyrics remind us that God is with us (strength/hope/love) until the day he takes us home.


This is part of the carnival hosted by Fred McKinnon.


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SHCC Sunday Setlist 10-12-08

Sunday set list for SHCC, this is posted as part of the carnival hosted by Fred McKinnon.


We mixed our format up a bit to accommodate having communion and offering as part of the message. The overall theme was bearing each others burdens, from Galatians 6. Musically most of the songs we sang had ‘us’ and ‘we’ language to help set the tone of community that is needed as we bear burdens for each other.


1st set

Beautiful One – Tim Hughes

Holy is the Lord – Chris Tomlin

Hear Our Praises – Hillsong


Sharing of worship opportunities

Video from a recent community event (used to encourage participation in our next event)


2nd set

You Stand – Steve Sprecker

We are the Body of Christ – David Hampton, Scott Wesley Brown

            In the middle of this song, I asked folks to take a few moments and welcome each other. We kept playing the song and then sang one more loop of it after about 2 minutes of greeting.


Message: Helping Others On The Journey Galatians 6:1-6

Communion serving

Offering collection

Closing Song – We are the Body of Christ


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SHCC Sunday Set-list 10-5-08

Song of Hope – Roby Seay Band

Everlasting God – Brenton Brown

Psalm 34: 3, 7, 8

Blessed – Hillsong

In Christ Alone – Don Koch

You are My Strength – Hillsong

Communion – Ephesians 1

Everything – Tim Hughes


Give Us Clean Hands – Charlie Hall


Shout to the Lord – Hillsong


God showed/helped me this past week to worship Him thru adversity. It wasn’t until Saturday morning that I felt I could even be in front of people leading them in praise. But thru the difficulties of the week by the Spirit and the Word of God I was able to find my strength in Him and remember my hope is not based on the things of any man but my hope comes from the Christ!

Here is my paraphrase of Ephesians 1: 13-14, this text was an anchor for my soul this week.

I was included in Christ when I heard the word of truth, the gospel of my salvation. Having believed, I was marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit, who is a deposit guaranteeing my inheritance until the redemption of those who are God’s – possession – to the praise of his glory!


This is part of the Sunday Setlist Carnival

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