Sunday setlist SHCC 8-17

Yesterday will be one to remember for 2 very different reasons; the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the arrival of the Fire Dept. and ambulance. Oh yeah, things got pretty exciting at the end of our gathering.

First the Holy Spirit moments. Taking a  break from our usual distortion, drums, and ‘dancing’ (I needed another D word) we had 2 acoustic guitars and an acoustic bass with 4  voices. No percussion this week. This group had a great blend at rehearsal and that’s when I began to expect great things from the Spirit as we tried to do our best in exalting the greatness of God in contrast to our weakness.

Here’s the setlist/layout of the morning:

·     Holy is the Lord – Chris Tomlin

·     Reading of scripture (everyone says it together) – Daniel 4:3

·     For Who You Are – Marty Sampson

·     Everlasting God – Brenton Brown

·     Reading of scripture – Daniel 4:34b-35

·     Be unto Your Name – Lynn DeShazo and Gary Sadler

·     How Great is Our God – Chris Tomlin

·     Reading of Scripture – Daniel 4:3

·     Lord’s Supper

·     Worship opportunities (a.k.a. – announcements) and greeting

·     Message

·     Be the Centre – Michael Frye

·     Father, Let me Dedicate – LAWRENCE TUTTIET and GEORGE McFARREN

·     Everything – Tim Hughes

We had a great first set of praise. The interlacing of corporate reading of scripture is an incredible experience for our people and coupling that with spontaneous prayer makes for a wonderful time of praise.

So, we get to the arrival of the paramedics. About 25 min. into the message one of our dear elderly folks passes out. Our preacher stops, a few folks go to her to help and within 5 minutes the paramedics arrive and the ambulance takes her to the hospital. As of today all test returned negative and she was released from the hospital, most likely cause was a reaction to an over-the-counter medication.

Because of this we did not finish the message or sing the last set, but that’s OK. We prayed for the dear sister and everyone was dismissed. Makes me wonder how other Sunday morning places would handle this kind of unplanned change.

A little about how we made the two guitars work together. I’ve found that when using two acoustics it’s important to change their voicing to help achieve a blended yet distinct sound from each of them.

Holy is the Lord – key of A. 1st guitar capo 2 G chord shapes, 2nd guitar capo 5, open E shapes (the Paul Baloche way)

For Who You Are – key of G 1st guitar no capo, 2nd guitar capo 3 open E shapes

Everlasting God – key of Bb 1st guitar capo 3, 2nd guitar capo 3, we just meshed on this song

Be Unto Your Name – key of B both guitars capo 4, 1st guitar strum, 2nd guitar picking

How great is Our God – key of A both guitars capo 2, 1st guitar strum chorus/bridge only, 2nd guitar picking


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Sharing a song

This song was written to go along with a study through the Gospel of John. Words and music by Steve Sprecker.

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Resurrection Sunday

Set list of SHCC March 23


  • Easter Quotes – Floodgate Productions
  • The Color Song –


  • How Great Thou Art (chorus only) – Stewart Hine
  • My Redeemer Lives – Reuben Morgan

Welcome and instruction – we’re having people stand throughout the singing and the Lord’s Supper in honor of our Risen Saviour.

More music

  • One and Only – Steve Sprecker
  • Let the Praises Ring – Lincoln Brewster
  • For Who You Are – Marty Sampson
  • There’s Just Something About That Name – Gaithers
  • Because He Lives – Gaithers
    • Communion emblems served during these two songs
  • Mighty to Save – Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan

Ministry update/offering collection/hugs and handshakes

And more music

  • You Stand – Steve Sprecker and Derek Voorhees




  • That’s My King – Igniter Media Group

Last of the music

  • You Stand – reprise
  • Only a God Like You – Tommy Walker
  • One Way – Joel Houston and Jonathan Douglass

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With great anticipation…

It’s early Friday morning and we’re getting ready for CMS. We spent last night getting here (Seattle), it’s myself, Brent (Tech director), Dane (Youth praise team leader), and Travis (Youth Praise team). My hope is that we will all learn enough that we can then share with our respective teams when we get home. I’ll be updating what I am learning at the end of each day. This is going to be great!!

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11-04-07 Worship Confessional

This was a great Sunday. Our focus was the importance of the Word. We had a great team this weekend, Dane and Travis (e. guitar), me (acoustic), Trevor (bass), Tyler (drums), Robin (keys), Helen and Melanie (bgv). Everyone did a great job considering we were without drums and keys during rehearsal. Sunday morning I got together with those two and we talked through the music. Fortunately, we were doing familiar songs with no weird changes and intro/transitions. Not my favorite way to prepare for a Sunday but it worked out alright.

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And the dog lives on…


Just a quick update on Rosie. She survived the night, yeah!!!  So we found out the cheap stuff we bought is bad medicine. We’ve got some tips to help her with the itchiness until the stuff is completely out of system. I guess it’s lesson learned for us, cheap is not always better. Funny, we use that logic on people stuff, why not doggie stuff?

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Doggy woes…

We’ve had some flea issues with our dog lately… 

So last night we go to Petco and debate spending $60 bucks on Frontline or $20 bucks on something cheaper (can’t remember the brand). We buy the cheaper, it goes on the same as Frontline, drops behind the neck and down the back. We put the stuff on at about 8:30PM and all is good until about 10:30PM, when she began scratching incessantly and gagging. She was rubbing her back on her kennel and then licking the kennel where she could smell the stuff and it was all over her blanket and she was licking that and gagging. That went on for about an hour, I’d take her outside and she would flip out like her skin was either burning or really itching. At about 12:30 Trish and I decided to bathe her to get the stuff off. That worked for the freaking out and gagging, but now she is wide awake and whining like crazy in her kennel. One more trip outside to burn some energy and good tummy rub and back in the kennel to sleep. It’s now 1:30 AM and my alarm goes off at 4:30.

Oh yeah… I love my dog J (forced smile).

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